UK Government pushes for inclusive education institutions

It’s buff. Get over it!

This short opinion piece highlights the attitudinal hurdles towards inclusion within higher education institutions in the UK .

“Some, though by no means all, staff in Higher Education seem to take the view that the language of inclusivity is somehow Orwellian in nature and that ‘reasonable adjustment’ is in fact rather unreasonable. Concepts such as inclusive practice or universal design are often regarded with suspicion both in principle and in practice. It is sometimes argued for example that it will be too time consuming and impractical for staff to undertake such measures. Others have protested that it is also unfair on the very students it aims to support because it results in ‘molly coddling’, a failure to ‘prepare them for the real world’, and a slackening of ‘academic standards’ … The fact is that more inclusive practices very often improve the experiences and opportunities for all students as well as being much more manageable for staff.”

Student Engagement and Experience Journal Volume 4, Issue 1 ISSN (online) 

Mark.O’ O’Hara, M. and Egan, H.