Inclusive Design + Energy Efficiency = Comfort?

Merging Inclusive Design and Energy Efficiency as a disruptive approach to housing renovation

logo-uhasselt_0_0This well designed Poster presentation focusing on home renovations is from Hasselt University in Belgium. It takes the position that comfort can be a unifying way of looking at both energy efficiency and inclusive design.

Abstract. There is a pressing need for housing renovations that both accommodate lifelong living and significantly increase energy efficiency. Much research has been done on both Inclusive design (ID), particularly in the context of accessibility, and energy efficiency (EE). However, they are treated independently and faced with limited adoption. A simultaneous renovation for ID and EE might lead to renovation concepts that better fulfil the residents’ desire for comfort in addition to savings in money and time. Comfort is an important driver for both types of renovations. As a result when the concept of comfort is expanded to include also spatial/usability, social, cognitive and cultural aspects, the merging of ID and EE can offer residents a more complete sense of comfort, thereby increasing the adoption of both ID and EE.