Design Anthropology – respectful knowing and making

Dori TunstallThe purpose of Design Anthropology is to understand how the processes and artefacts of design help define what it means to be human. By taking into account how others see and experience the world differently, products and services can be designed that work with people and nature rather than disrupt them.

Dori Tunstall presented a paper at the 2012 SEGD Academic Summit where she discussed the role and impact of a designer’s values in their knowing and making of things “… by drawing attention across evolving human values, the making of environments, objects, communications, and interactions that express those values, and the experiences that give interpretation to those values and their meanings. But design must learn to tread respectfully in order to avoid becoming another colonizing practice.” See her list of Principles of Design Anthropology to be theorized and exemplified in this short extract.  Dori Tunstall can be found on Linked In.