Transforming Schools into Innovative Learning Organisations

Open Discovery Space Conference Athens 2015The Eurpoean Union’s Europe 2020 Strategy recognises that students with disability are still chronically at high risk for school failure and under performance. The aim is not to change the students but to redesign, adapt and personalise instructional methods. If you’ve wondered what Universal Design for Learning is about – the introduction to this article should help.

From the Abstract: “Grounded on new research in neuroscience and the Design for All principles, Universal Design for Learning constitutes an educational approach that promotes access, participation and progress in the general curriculum for all learners. UDL recognises the need to create opportunities for the inclusion of diverse learners through providing curricula and instructional activities that allow for multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. Yet, these developments do not necessarily result in significant, widespread changes in practice – that is, in how schools actually organise and provide learning experiences for pupils. The difficulty is in all cases translating these policies into practice. Though the policy context supports a shift to inclusion, professionals need more support to develop their practice. In order to bridge the gap between policy and practice the UDLnet network aspires to address this necessity collecting and creating best practices under the framework of Universal Design for Learning. UDLnet is a European network that aims to contribute to the improvement of teachers’ practice in all areas of their work, combining ICT skills with UDL-based innovations in pedagogy, curriculum, and institutional organization. This paper presents the UDLnet project, its aims, the methodological framework, as well as the description and documentation of a case study from the field of science with application of the UDL framework on the Inventory.

This conference paper from the conference proceedings book, Open Discovery Space Conference held in Athens, Greece 18-20 september 2015