Teaching UD in computer science

dublin institute of technologyIn this increasingly digitised world, the principles of universal design are becoming more of an imperative in software design. One of the basic tenets of UD is user involvement, but in software design this comes late in the development stage. Damien Gordon and Ciaran O’Leary from the Dublin Institute of Technology report on their study using the principles of universal design to form guidelines for software development. They present the study and the findings using the classic principles of universal design. Well designed graphics assist understanding.  

Extract from the Abstract: “An often overlooked element of Universal Design in software design is to consider the software itself, on how it is built, and how it is formatted, using the lens of Universal Design. Given that the reality is that most code will be modified by a developer who may be unknown to the original developer, it is important that code is designed (both in terms of build and format) in such a way that it is future-proofed and therefore universally designed.”