Webpages and mobile phones

mobile phonesNon-profit organisations need to stay up to date with their website design and content, which are becoming an increasingly important means of communicating with clients, donors and stakeholders.

A responsive website is one that is easily accessed by a smart phone, tablet, or laptop / desktop computer. The design has to consider not just how the page looks on a computer screen, but also a mobile phone or tablet. With mobile web use growing eight times faster than Internet use it’s important that the website is mobile ready.
Functioning correctly can mean a variety of things. Displaying webpages properly, reading easily, all the links working properly, have image display fully, making it easy on potential donors to access and give via mobile devices, among myriad other variables.
Why is this important? The Internet is changing constantly, and users are beginning to gravitate heavily towards mobile. The problem is, websites are not responding to these new devices with smaller display sizes and is frustrating this new generation of Internet users. Go to the Techimpact blog for more.