Who’s afraid of red and blue?

Colour Kunst Åssiden vgs gangThis is the question asked my Mette L’Orange.  In recent years much of the new architecture has been devoid of colour. Greys of steel, granite and concrete, bricks of beige. Mette L´Orange’s article, Approaches to Color in Architecture and Design, confronts “chromophobia” in architectural practice and argues for the use of more colour in design courses as we are suffering “colour deprivation” and therefore sensory deprivation. Colour can provide visual cues for wayfinding and orientation, as well as a greater sensory appreciation of surroundings.

L’Orange argues, “A persistent Chromophobia has for decades characterized architecture and interior design. With the focus on sustainability, natural materials and their inherent colours seem to dominate the arena, although the colour green has a strong symbolic value. This position is understandable when it comes to “reduce, reuse, recycle”, but why should our responsibility with the earth’s resources leave us with environments in need of red and blue, yellow and orange?”