A ride for all – tree tops crazy rider

tree tops crazy riderTree Tops Crazy Rider offers fun for all ages and abilities. The video link shows people having fun. The ride, which is located on the Central Coast, is accessible inasmuch as it can be in a natural environment. The information below the video link provides details on how people with disability can participate. The main website provides the general details including costs and opening times. Go to the Crazy Rider section and download the pdf brochure to get more information about accessibility.

Our crazy rider has full accessibility for people of almost all abilities. We have accessible toilets and pathways. Sadly because we are situated in a state forest we are not allowed to have plumbing or cemented pathways in our park. Our paths are made of gravel and our toilets are portaloos. We have an accessible toilet on site that is wheelchair friendly. 

Our procedure for wheelchair users includes full access to the ride. When you arrive at our desk for check in you’ll be given a wrist band for the ride you’re doing (the Pioneer 330m zip line, the Xtreme 1km zip line or our Combo which is both the Pioneer and Xtreme in one!) and told a little about how your experience will take place. You’ll be asked to put any jewellery and anything in your pockets away so that we can get you ready to ride. At this point you will be given a harness and helmet briefing. Either the staff or someone who has come with you can help put your harness on your chair so that you can sit in your harness while still remaining in your chair to access the ride. After you have been given your harness and helmet we’re ready to go!

You’ll make your way to the start of the ride with a guide that will give you information about the ride itself, it’s construction, our eco sustainable practices and our beautiful state forest. You will be able to access the Pioneer ride using your chair, for our Xtreme ride you will need to be driven (2 minutes) to the starting point. When you get to the start of either ride the harness that you would already be sitting in at this point will be attached to our pulley that will take you on your adventure! Depending on your capability, you can either assist us in slightly raising yourself up to hook you on or someone who is with you can assist us in doing this. The harness you will be wearing is a paragliding harness and works like a big comfy hammock. One of the safety requirements for our ride is that you will need to hold on to the pulley that your harness is attached to and have your ankles together at all times. We have comfortable straps to assist you in doing this. Once you’re ready to go we’ll send you on your Crazy Ride! We also have GoPro’s for hire so that you can film your exciting experience.

At the bottom of the ride you will be welcomed by one of our friendly staff members! At this point you’ll be quizzed on your favourite parts of the ride itself and you’ll be disconnected. A chair provided by the park will be placed underneath you before you are unhooked and we will assist you back over to the office area. At this point your chair (which will have come down from the top of the ride via car) will be ready for you to transfer into. Once again, if you need assistance doing this, we are more than happy to help.