Accessible Tourism – the business case is strong

This four minute video was filmed at the latest ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism) Conference. It gives clear short messages from Network members about the business case for providing travel services and destinations that suit a wide range of people. After all, when a group travels with a person with disability, decisions for the whole group are based on what that person can achieve. So it is not just profit foregone on one person – it’s foregone for the group. The ENAT website is comprehensive and has a resources section and a list of what it considers accessible cities in Europe. 

The ENAT most cited difficulties for travellers with disability are:  inaccessible or partially accessible websites; lack of airport shuttle; lack of transportation for wheelchairs; lack of facilities in hotel rooms appropriate to their needs; lack of qualified personnel to cope with their problems; inaccessible streets and sidewalks; lack of accessibility in restaurants, bars, and other amenities, and lack of adapted toilets in restaurants and especially in public places. 

Other resources include a European accessible tourism directory