Bathroom trends – industry survey

Picutre of a bathroom showing a vanity and bath with the shower, with a hob, squeezed in the corner between themThe National Kitchen and Bathroom Association in the US has released its 2016 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends Survey and it according to the article, bathrooms are becoming less flashy and more focused on the user’s experience. This might be the case for the users who want to indulge in a lot of extra comfort, but not necessarily for the wider population.

Shower hobs are not a thing of the past – as you can see in the picture, they still feature in the latest bathrooms. This is the trouble with fashion – you can’t rely on a good, functional design staying around as a standard. In this Sourceable article, hobless showers it seems, are now only for the 65+ age group. However, the article mentions wall-mounted shower seats for those who want to spend more time thinking in the shower!