The Future of Us – Singapore

Aerial view of the Future of Us display buiilding which is a group of three domes.While on a short visit to Singapore I visited the Future of Us display which is adjacent the Gardens by the Bay. Using the latest technology in planetarium style theatres, the three different display areas present and promote the aspirations for the future in terms of urban living: the environment, transport, health and aged care. Bicycles, segways and public transport feature strongly.Included in the images is a young wheelchair user. The picture is an aerial view of the three domes of the Future of Us display area.

Still photo taken from the video display featuring a wheelchair user
Still image taken from the video

The videos are available via YouTube but unfortunately the quality is not good as a camera tries to swing back and forth across the images and the sound is only ambient sound. However, I found the whole exhibition an interesting example of how to bring people on board with new ideas and a way of envisioning the future. You can try this link to get an idea of the display. Or Google “Future of Us Singapore” to find them. Unfortunately the display is scheduled to end on 8 March 2016, but the material should still be available online.

Here are some photos I took of the display – they have tried hard to be inclusive.

Jane Bringolf, Editor