Richard Branson and inclusive design

Picture of Richard Branson showing the swollen brow and stiches.Richard Branson walked into a glass door because he didn’t see it. His unfortunate accident resulted in three stitches over his eye and highlights that the visual cues most of us register as we approach a doorway may not be so evident to everyone at all times. People with low vision are a group obviously at risk, let alone those who walk really fast. Poor lighting, being distracted and visual confusion can be other reasons for not seeing a glass door or large window. Vision Australia reported that in 2013 there were 357,000 people in Australia who were blind or had low vision. This number is predicted to grow as the population ages. 

As Lee Wilson says in his Sourceable article – we should stop to think and consider the other features and facilities that would benefit from increasing their visual contrast so that people can identify and correctly perceive these features.


Richard Branson and Inclusive Design