Award winning library in London

Picture of the library overlooking a lake. The facade of the building cantilevers out at a 45 degree angle to create more building space on a smaller footprint.Canada Water Library in Southwark was awarded the Selwyn Goldsmith Award for Universal Design by the Civic Trust in 2013. The short documentary video does not mention universal design features per se, and this perhaps should be the ultimate aim of designing for everyone – it’s so integral to the design it doesn’t need a mention. The way the architects overcame the restricted size of the building’s footprint is interesting as well as the exterior design to reflect the waterside location. 

Editor’s note: Co-author of the 7 Principles of Universal Design, Ron Mace, is often called the “father of universal design”. However, Selwyn Goldsmith was writing books about barrier free design as early as 1963 and later, universal design. His last book was published in 2000 and much of his work is still relevant and referenced today.

The mini-documentary about the library was made by Living Projects, an independent production company with a particular interest in architecture, design and communities. Thanks to the website for this item.