Do step free entries work in snow country?

Picture of the outside of a two storey home showing the garage door and front door with level entrySome architects, home designers and builders find it difficult to get their head around a step free entry. One of the reasons for needing a step, they say, is for snow and snow melt. The obvious answer is to have a porch big enough to prevent snow piling up against the door. The other is to have a heated driveway and/or footpath. This solution was found in an article in the architecture section in The Globe and Mail magazine. There are benefits for all homeowners. Yes, there is a cost, but over the years it will pay for itself in prevention of bad backs from shovelling and safety from slipping on ice, not to mention paying someone to shovel it if you can’t do the job. Angie’s List website has an article Are Heated Driveways Worth the Cost?  Another webpage worth a look is Houzz, which shows several pictures after a snowfall. A Google search did not reveal any suppliers for these systems in Australia, obviously as the demand would be low. But a home underfloor heating system supplier might be able to do the job. Who knows where climate change will lead us?