Engaging Children in Visual Art

Picture of rainbow coloured background with a paintbrush and the word free written diagonally on the bottom left hand cornerWhile very few art apps are designed with children with disability in mind, some of the mainstream iPad and Windows apps could be useful. There is strong scientific evidence that digital art is beneficial for children both developmentally and therapeutically. Laura Diment and David Hobbs provide a review of the readily available apps that children with disability can effectively use to create visual art. They provide a table comparing the various apps, level of customisation needed, level of motor control required and level of creativity. Perhaps over time designers of these apps will consider the wider population of users and be more inclusive.

Interactive Technologies that Engage Children with Disabilities in Visual Art – A Review by Laura Diment and David Hobbs was accessed on Academia.edu. David Hobbs has a particular interest in children and assistive technologies to help enjoyment and development. He works at Flinders University in South Australia.