Latest Design-for-All Newsletter

Front cover of the Design for All Newsletter. It has a bright yellow background and is covered with symbols and signs indicating diversity of messagesThe Design for All Institute of India produces a quarterly publication with articles from around the globe with a guest editor for each edition. They call it a newsletter, but the content puts it in line with an academic journal but with a practical twist. The latest issue has items from Finland, Japan, Netherlands and Mexico. Briefly the topics are:

Inclusive or Exclusive Design?  Guest Editor for this edition, architect Pekka Harnidiscusses the cultural evolution of objects and the built environment and links to the concepts of contemporary inclusive design.

Beyond Design. This article traces the work of three Finnish architects and their collaboration with the Women’s Centre project in Senegal. It is another example of consultation with local people to get the right result.

The Politics of Crafts is by Kythzia Barrera, an industrial designer from Mexico. The context is a case study of the reinvigoration of ceramics in a local village and the connection with their rich heritage. 

Designing an Everyday Experience. Jacqueline Moors is a designer from the Netherlands and her contribution focuses on the design of public transportation, including furnishings, from the users’ perspective.

Conversation Map. Nao Saito is a designer and architect based in Japan and has developed a map that both sighted and blind people can use. She traces the development of this map and the application in a museum.

The Role of Design in Communication. How to enhance everyday understanding among different users and cultures is Sana Simola’s topic. She covers websites, phone apps, Braille displays, accessibility guides, and signage. Also included are common mistakes when designing for diversity.

You can download the Newsletter from the website. It contains many great images and consequently it is a large PDF document of 14MB. Highly worthwhile for people interested in international ideas and applications of inclusive practice.