Music to our ears: Signing for concerts

picture of Amber signing. She has a bright pink fringe and describers herself as plus sized personDeaf people as concert-goers seems like a contradiction in terms. But it is not. Amber Galloway Gallego has gained much attention in the USA for her interpretations of rock, rap and hip hop music events. ABC iView’s program, Story Hunters, recently featured Amber along with Emily, an Australian who is deaf and loves to go to music concerts with her friends. The journalist covering the story admits that he learned a lot about how deaf people can enjoy music and concerts. A lesson in making assumptions about people and their abilities and their desires to be included.

At the end of the very interesting iView video clip, Amber says that if you are an event organiser and you are a hearing person, “you are the decision maker for a whole category of people.” Yes, it is not deaf and hard of hearing people that get into those jobs to make those decisions! Perhaps we will have more universally designed concerts in the future.

You can access more of Amber’s work via YouTube, or go to Facebook