Rob Imrie’s new book

black and white photograph of an open terrace at the top of a building. It has a row of stretcher beds facing out to the view.Last year at the Access Consultants Conference I had a discussion with Rob Imrie and Kim Kullman where the notion of universal or inclusive design could be described with many other words. Careful  or caring design, was one of these. This is reflected in the title of their forthcoming book, Care and Design: Bodies, Buildings, Cities published by Wiley-Blackwell. The chapters reflect the need to look beyond “mainstream” disabilities and to people with less obvious design needs.

Publisher description: This book connects the study of design with care, and explores how concepts of care may have relevance for the ways in which urban environments are designed. It explores how practices and spaces of care are sustained specifically in urban settings, thereby throwing light on an important arena of care that current work has rarely discussed in detail.

Table of Contents

1. Designing with care and caring with design. Rob Imrie and Kim Kullman

2. Age-inclusive design: a challenge for kitchen living. Sheila Peace

3. Curating space, choreographing care: the efficacy of the everyday. Daryl Martin

4. ‘I don’t care about places’: the whereabouts of design in mental health care. Ola Söderström

5. The sensory city: autism, design and care. Joyce Davidson and Victoria L. Henderson

6. Configuring the caring city: ownership, healing, openness. Charlotte Bates, Rob Imrie, and Kim Kullman

7. ‘Looking after things’: caring for sites of trauma in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand. Jacky Bowring

8. Empathy, design and care – intention, knowledge and intuition: the example of Alvar Aalto. Juhani Pallasmaa

9. Architecture, place and the ‘care-full’ design of everyday life. Jos Boys

10. Ageing, Care and the Practice of Urban Curating. Sophie Handler

11. Caring through design: En torno a la silla and the ‘joint problem-making’ of technical aids. Tomás Sánchez Criado and Israel Rodriguez-Giralt

12. Design and the art of care: engaging the more than human and less than inhuman. Michael Schillmeier

13. Afterword: caring urban futures. Charlotte Bates and Kim Kullman

Note: this is priced as an academic text – see if you can get access via a university library or similar institution. It is listed as forthcoming, so may not be available yet.