Design for all India Newsletter: June 2016 edition

The latest issue of the Design for All Newsletter has some great articles on the design of the built environment. Edited by GAATES Executive Director, articles include analysing the statistical barriers to accessibility, transport needs and priorities, wayfinding for people with low vision, maintaining accessible environments, and accessible black icons of various people shapes on white backgroundbooks. Each article has a list of references.

“What is holding back progress in creating accessible buildings?” by Thea Kurdi starts on page 56. She outlines her search for the answers to this question and begins:

“This past year I set out to determine if I could discover what is hindering our progress and find the cause, or causes, of so many of the common mistakes. It seemed that the issues must be occurring before the design phase where accessibility specialists do most of our consulting.

By ignoring or not accounting for the space needs of persons with disabilities and older persons as a part of the population of people who use all of the spaces in our structures at the beginning of the building process, it is clear why during the design phase architects often feel that making the built environment accessible is difficult, expensive, and frustrating.”