Disappearing stairs

A man in a purple singlet leans backwards on one arm from his wheelchair. He is well toned and looks physically fit.Jaccede.com is based in France and has some interesting Facebook posts featuring wheelchair users. The case of the disappearing stairs looks like it might be useful to some ambulant people who have difficulty climbing stairs. There is a great video showing a Zumba class where wheelchair users and ambulant people are being led by an instructor using a wheelchair. Seems the instructor, Guilleramo Aranguis has quite a following!

Another interesting idea is a wheelchair user travelling on an escalator in Japan – there is an extra wide ‘step’ that can be used by a wheelchair user provided the escalator is stopped for the start and finish by a staff member so the person can get on and off. 

You don’t need to understand French to appreciate the videos. The site also has an option for English.