Fit Bit for wheelchair users

Picture of a hand on a wheelchair wheel showing a wearable fitness trackerFitness watches, or fitness trackers are selling like hot cakes. But what about wheelchair users? Lack of fitness is just as much an issue for many wheelchair users, especially if they live a relatively sedentary lifestyle. So Apple has come to the rescue. The following item was found on FastCo website:

“Two weeks ago, Apple made a seemingly small announcement at its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Starting in September, the Apple Watch will support wheelchair users, allowing them to track their fitness goals the same as anyone else. But this feature is a big deal to the millions of people around the world who live their lives in wheelchairs. It was also an incredible technical challenge to pull off, requiring Apple to mount the most comprehensive study ever on fitness among wheelchair users, as well as a complete overhaul to the design of its fitness tracking algorithms.”

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