Rob Imrie in conversation with Eva Egermann

head sand shoulders shot of Professor Rob ImrieProfessor Rob Imrie of Goldsmith’s University of London is well known in universal design circles. He engages in a philosophical discussion about modernist ideals and ‘ableist spaces’ with Eva Egermann. The conversation is based around his book, Disability and the City published by Sage Publications.

Over the many years of researching and writing in this area, he has come to the conclusion that architects are not solely to blame for designing abelist spaces because they are only one discipline involved in the construction of our buildings and streetscapes. However, they are still part of perpetuating the overarching societal values that constrain where people with disability front cover Disability and the cityand other marginalised groups might go, and where they might be.

The discussion with Eva Egermann can be downloaded from the Academia website. The title is, Buildings that fit society: The modernist ideal and the social production of abelist spaces.

You can find out more about Rob Imrie and his research on the Universalising Design website