World Tourism Day 2016

Front cover of the Tourism for All booklet showing a man in a wheelchair with his back to the camera - his arms outstretched. He is on a wooden planked pier going out to the ocean. He is wearing a red jacket.Clearly the tourism and travel industry have recognised the market potential and are working quickly to tap into it. To celebrate World Tourism Day 2016, a booklet was published: Tourism for All – promoting universal accessibility” – Good Practices in the Accessible Tourism Supply Chain”. It has some great case studies from several countries, and covers heritage tours, art exhibitions – one that has a tactile picture of the Mona Lisa, visiting a national park, accessible online travel resources, and guiding visitors with learning difficulties. Contributors come from India, Spain, Canada, Japan and Australia. 

World Tourism Day and the booklet is a joint project between the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the ONCE foundation in Spain, and ENAT, the European Network for Accessible Tourism.