Campaigning Kelly Vincent

kelly vincentThe Hon Kelly Vincent spoke of the political wrangling to get her amendments to the Planning Infrastructure and Development Bill through both houses in the South Australian Parliament. Using humour and passion she told of the difficulties she encountered along the way. Ms Vincent was faced with strong opposition from property lobby groups that continue to claim it would place an unjust impost on them. “Such claims are utter rubbish” she said emphatically. This claim is also used to quell the grass roots movement for universal design in mass market housing. The claim of costs is never questioned or analysed and consequently economic evidence is ignored in favour of ambit claims by industry. The Australian Ageing Agenda included an article on her presentation: Dogged Persistence Needed for Universal Design Laws in a recent edition of their e-publication. 

Ms Vincent was generous with her time staying for most of the presentations over the two days and participating in the final panel session, The Economics of Inclusion.