Age Neutral Design

black and white photo of older people sitting in a circle discussingThe Creative Review website has published an article arguing that developing products and services specifically for older people could be a marketing mistake. The tried and true methods of dividing up the population into segments may not make sense in the future. The prevailing perception of people who view older people as a homogenous group is that longer life expectancy  means longer life in in care and dependency – hence the notion that all older people are a burden and a problem. Retirement therefore, is also a notion that needs re-thinking.

The Age of No Retirement (TAONR) claims that people no longer want to be identified as, or considered as, part of a “herd”and reject generational classification. The article has some interesting marketing comparisons between 18-24 year olds and 65-99 year olds. It seems both groups are thinking and experiencing the same things!