Age and capability: some common myths

A young person stands on a stage hold ing a microphone. the backcloth has the words Siler IT fest with chinese characters written below.Singapore is leading the way in creating an inclusive society. Universal design is apparent in the new built environments and housing, and now they are looking at improving the technology side of life. – a Singaporean digital news and information platform says there of five misconceptions about older people and their use of IT:

  1. Older people have learned everything that they can over their lifetime. 
  2. Festivals are for young people who like to party and spend money. 
  3. Older people are cliquish and prefer to hang out with their own peers.
  4. Persons with disabilities aren’t able to fulfil their aspirations.
  5. The government is already doing so much for older people and people with disability, so I don’t need to step up.

The Mothership website has more information about these misconceptions and includes short videos to explain more.

For many people “Old” is like tomorrow – it will never come. If we were to have inclusiveness, such terms would disappear – they were only useful to marketing professionals when they thought all people over the age of 60 were an homogenous group and needed special products and services.