Surgical design thinking

picture shows Gabil sitting on a chair in a dance studio. She is about to attach her prosthetic limb. The mid section of her right leg was amputated. The lower half was rotated and grafted to her thigh so that her ankle joint acts like a knee joint.Gabbi Shull is able to dance again thanks to some “out of the box” thinking. Gabi had cancer in her leg which could not be cured. The resulting amputation was above the knee, but instead of leaving it as is, the surgeons took the lower part of her leg that was unaffected by cancer, rotated it 180 degrees and grafted it to her thigh. The rotation means that her ankle joint acts as her knee joint which allows her to dance with a prosthetic limb designed specifically to suit her. Now that is design thinking – thinking about the  user, and not the convenience of the designer. You can hear her story and watch her on video courtesy the BBC News facebook page.