10 Stereotypes about accessible homes

Shows a living room with easy access to the verandaThere are several lists around that debunk myths about universal design. Lifemark in New Zealand has produced an excellent version related to housing. Their 10 stereotypes about accessible housing includes great examples of convenience for people who consider themselves to be without disability.  For example:

  • You break your leg during your holidays: what a joy to have a shower without having to go up the stairs!
  • You just have had a child: How practical it is to be able to easily enter the front door with the stroller or to help your children get into the car without scraping your car door on the walls of a narrow garage.
  • Dinner time! You have several glasses in your hands, how easy it will be to open the doors because they have lever door handles.
  • You have slept badly and have a terrible back pain: fortunately, your power points are high enough to avoid bending down too far.
  • You cook and have your hands wet or oily: lucky you! Your kitchen drawers are so easy to open!

The list includes examples of trendy fittings, dealing with steep sites, and the inevitable cruncher – busting the cost myth.

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