Rick Hansen blog

A blue background with three icons. One shows a woman pushing a pram, the next a woman with a dog, the third, a wheelchair user. The icons are in whiteThe Rick Hansen Foundation blog has some useful tips for businesses to increase their trade: They include:

  1. Make a good first impression,
  2. Clear the aisles in shops and cafes,
  3. Be seen – use a readable font,  
  4. Ensure the toilet is accessible, 
  5. Find the right lighting,
  6. Offer flexibility for payment at the point-of-sale, and 
  7. Turn on closed captioning on in-house TV sets.

See the Rick Hansen blog site for more information. While these tips might seem obvious to some, many businesses haven’t given them any thought and consequently they come as quite a revelation! The suggested access sign pictured is a good contender for a change to the international symbol for access.