Walk the Talk: Human Rights Forum

Griffith university logo for the eventGriffith University in Brisbane has been running a series of Walk the Talk Forums with other organisations related to human rights, and the National Disability Strategy (NDS). The topic of the latest forum in March 2017 was, Realising the 2010-2020 National Disability Strategy. The event was filmed and live captioned and is now available for download as a video and as a transcript. 

Each speaker can be downloaded separately. Alastair McEwin and Kevin Cocks AM were keynote speakers. Other presenters focus on each of the six stated outcomes of the NDS:

  1. Inclusive and accessible communities
  2. Rights, protection, justice and legislation
  3. Economic security
  4. Personal and community support
  5. Learning and skills
  6. Health and wellbeing

Download the video of all presentations and choose the speakers from the chapter list.

Download the official transcript in pdf.

Download the presentation slides in pdf.