Accessibility up in the air

Website header for All Wheels Up - mid blue background with orange graphic of a plane with a wheelchair symbol and the words in white, we want accessible planesIf we are working towards accessible tourism – destinations for all – then airlines have to come to the party on this. Airline online magazine has an interesting article about accommodating wheelchair users better. Yes there are many horror stories about air travel, but coming up with solutions is another matter. All Wheels Up  is an organisation that advocates for accessible air travel and is now working with a crash testing team. But it is not all about wheelchair users – as we know there are many other airline users who find air travel difficult. The article tells the story of a child who has many supports on his wheelchair, but has to sit in a regular seat without these important supports for his head and body. Wouldn’t it be good if he could stay in his wheelchair which could be secured by tie-downs similar to that in wheelchair accessible taxis? See the video below and more from All Wheels Up website.