Australia DesignGov Principles

lots of coloured pencils are laid out in a circle with the tips pointing to each other so they make a circle of their pointsThe Australian Centre for Excellence in Public Sector Design was established as an 18 month pilot that was in operation from July 2012 until December 2013. Although the project has come to an end, a website is being maintained. It lists their five principles of design which could be useful for designers in all fields. These principles are compatible with the principles of universal design and are:

1. Connected, Customer and Community Centric

We recognise that we are part of a wider eco-system.

2. Courageous

We seek to understand difficult problems and provide useful possibilities that may challenge the status quo. We aspire to have the courage of our convictions.

3. Collaborative, Co-design, Co-creation, Co-production

We believe involving many sources creates better insights and innovations, so we do everything with others. We are open in our processes and with what we learn.

4. Coherent

We seek to raise awareness of design and innovation, of their importance and to integrate them into the practice of the public service.

5. Co-sponsored

We, and our projects, are a collaboration across agencies and the design ecosystem. We are part of the Australian Government, and we also seek to build excellence in design across the wider public sector.

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