Improved captioning for Facebook

Man in a dark blue t shirt leans against a red brick wall near a doorway. He is wearing glasses and looking at his smartphoneAccording to Hearing Like Me website, automatic closed captions are coming to Facebook live videos. Facebook claims these automated captions will be an improvement on the mostly incomprehensible auto captions we see on YouTube – hence the term “craptions”. In the words of one deaf user, “Auto-generated captions are often wrong, providing confusing transcripts, which is frustrating for those of us who rely on written word or lip-reading to fully understand speech.” Of course, captions are also good for anyone who is in a situation where they they don’t have ear plugs and need their phone on silent.

Show a keyboard an two hands with red nail polishDeaf YouTuber Rikki Poynter has been advocating for accurate captions on social videos. As a profoundly deaf teenager, Rikki wanted to access videos in the same way as her peers. But the captions are auto-generated and often result in nonsense. So Rikki started her campaign with her  #NoMoreCraptions awareness project.