NSW Transport Challenge

graphic of a square car approaching a pedestrian crossing with a person pushing a stroller on the footpathTransport for NSW is developing its Future Transport Strategy – looking ahead for the next 20-40 years to plan the future of transport in NSW. Individuals and businesses throughout Regional NSW are invited to complete a survey.

People living in regional towns, centres and cities, can complete the Connecting Rural and Regional Customers SurveyIf you are involved in a small to medium sized regional business, complete the Business Survey

There will be another survey for Sydney, Hunter, Illawarra and Central Coast residents and businesses soon. You can sign up to receive the next round of surveys.  Great opportunity for everyone to have their say and to make transport available and accessible to everyone. 

There is another section to their website that gets you to think about how electric vehicles, driverless cars and digital technology and smart systems might change things. graphic of a car, a truck and a section of road