Nutrition and UD

An older woman is eating a large sandwich. She is wearing a brown dress with a cream collarAs we know, the principles of universal design can be applied to anything that is designed, both tangible (eg products) and intangible (eg policies). The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour has published an abstract where UD is applied to health and appetite for people with dementia. It is also presented as a poster.

The ambiance of the eating environment and individualising the dining experience were key factors in improvements. Simple solutions such as contrasting colours for place settings and avoiding patterned plates were recommended. The title is, “Designing for Health and Appetite: Nutrition and Interior Design Professionals Create Appropriate Environment to Achieve Meal Satisfaction in Dementia Residents.” The aim of the study was to see how interior designers might work with nutritionists to improve the food intake of residents in a dementia facility. An interesting development in UD.