Smart and functional bathroom fittings

A bathroom setting showing a wall mounted vanity bsin, a stool and in the background a hand held shower and a shower seat. There is also a mounted magnifying mirror.The Hewi home bathroom catalogue is extensive and shows the latest European designs for fixtures and fittings. It includes some classy designs that would be suitable for a wide range of users. Some of the items that are often associated with a “hospital look” get a make-over. Modern grab rails, elegant shower seats, functional and height adjustable vanity designs are included. There is a separate section for particular users, such as people with dementia and wheelchair users. However, many of the standard items would suit most people, including those receiving care at home. The catalogue is extensive with different design styles and full of pictures. So you need to browse through to see the different options. 

Editor’s Note: The only Australian supplier of Hewi products I can find is Hafele. They show a shower seat and adjustable mirror only. No doubt other items would need to be specially ordered. Expect prices in the upper range. The Hewi catalogue shows how designing universally can still create beautiful products.