Reflections on work and autism

Damian Milton stands in front of his poster presentation at a conference. He is wearing a black hoodie and black t shirt with a yellow logo.Inasmuch as no two people are alike, no two autistic people are alike – after all, we are all neurodiverse in one way or another. Damian Milton (pictured) uses his own life experience to uncover the challenges of seeking and maintaining paid employment. His PowerPoint presentation is an overview of an upcoming chapter, Employment: a reflective view. The key points are that with the right support, autistic people have much to contribute, and Milton is no exception having self funded his PhD. He is becoming well known in autism circles and has added much valuable knowledge to this body of work. You can also read an interview with Milton that provides some insights into his work.

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Editor’s note: I discovered Milton’s chapter earlier in the week, but when I went back to retrieve it I found it was no longer available. However, I the part I read was very interesting and written in a very readable way. In fact it is interesting reading for anyone – just a great story.