When you can’t leave

Drawing of a grey interior door opened in a room with dark grey wallpaper. The doorway is a white blank indicating you can't pass throughWhen you spend most or all of your time at home, it is important to have it the way you like it. The layout and design also needs to support whatever activities you like to do. Ricky Buchanan can rarely leave her home due to the level of her disability. So she is in a good position to give five tips for getting the most out of your home when you can’t leave it. There are lots of pictures with labels explaining how each item is used and 3D printing features for make it yourself items. The blog site has some other information including a fun but powerful rap video Hands Off, It’s My Home.  On the blog site, Opening Homes, she discusses the five tips:

  1. Prioritise ambience
  2. Fit more things around you
  3. If you can’t find what you need, create it
  4. Utilise Technology to give you power
  5. Mix things up