Clothes that speak – literally

The picture shows white rectangular tags that provide audio description and they are also tactile.We live in a visual world where we make judgments about people and things according to what they look like. So that’s why fashion, or at least looking good, is important to most people. But how do people who are blind work out what to buy and what to wear? On the AARP Facebook page is a video of a fashion designer who has taken this on board and designed some garments that solve the problem – they even talk to you! Included in the garments are tags (pictured) with QR and colour codes that generate audio description. You can find out more about Camila Chiribogo and the award she won for her work in “disrupt ageing design challenge” run by AARP. Wearing fashionable garments is part of feeling included in mainstream society.

Note: if you want to see closed captions on the video links, click the wheel icon on the videos.