Make Way Day

An older woman in a powered wheelchair struggles to get past a bicycle chained to a pole. The front wheel of the bicycle is at a ninety degree angle to the path of travel. She is putting a red Make Way Day sticker on the wheel of the bicycle.Getting along a footpath isn’t always easy especially when some people act either illegally, or without thought for others. Make Way Day in Ireland is creating awareness of the common footpath obstructions that people with disability and pram pushers face every day. On Make Way Day volunteers put “Make Way Day” stickers on the obstacles in their path of travel. This brings attention to the issues for the offender as well as other footpath users. See the link for the examples and a video of obstacles that people have to deal with. There is also a Twitter feed for this.

Editor’s note: This looks like a great project for Australian councils to support by having the stickers printed for volunteers to use and also announcing a Make Way Day to bring attention to it.