More care, less cost?

Head and shoulders of two women happily smiling. One is older and one is younger.Many people think that technology will save money in the aged care sector, but maybe time to think again. Seems best outcomes are when socialisation is provided. The answer to staying at home longer, apart from an accessible home, is to use technology, but use the savings for social visits from real humans. A recent study shows that when home based care services are increased the greater delay of residential care. While this seems obvious, this study confirms it. The research also found that people who used social support services, such as companionship visits and assistance to attend community-based social activities, stayed in their own homes for longer, compared with those predominately receiving domestic assistance, personal care or in-home respite. The evidence can also help older people understand they have choices about where they are cared for. This article was sourced from Aged Care Insight.