Social Sustainability: Is it happening?

Front cover of the Property Council report. A child is doing cartwheels in a parkThe Property Council of Australia has released a report, A Common Language for Social Sustainability. It has five broad themes, one of which is mobility and access. The report goes on to give examples under each of the themes, showcasing what their members are doing. The examples under the access and mobility theme include Stockland rolling out LHA Silver Level features in their retirement villages (but unfortunately not in mainstream housing yet). Stockland has also supported inclusive play spaces through the Touched by Olivia Foundation. See the report for the examples in this section, most of which have yet to hit mainstream. But it is a good start.

A non-jargon version of social sustainability: Everyone can live, participate, and enjoy activities on an equal basis with others. If you want the jargon – the Property Council of Australia defines social sustainability as, “Social sustainability combines the design of the physical realm with design of the social world (including social infrastructure) to support social and cultural life, social amenities, systems for citizen engagement and spaces for people and places to evolve. Communities that are socially sustainable are equitable, diverse, connected and democratic – and they provide a good quality of life for all those who reside in them.”