Call for Posters and Table Topics

banner advertising the conference showing a city river scene and bridgeMissed the deadline to make a presentation at the 3rd Australian Universal Design Conference? How about a doing a poster? Or, perhaps you would like to eat and meet with a Table Topic and lead a small discussion group at lunchtime on the first day.

Nick Loder stands by his poster at a conferencePosters are a good way of showcasing your work. So if you have a great example of universal design we’d all like to see it. This is a good way for students to get involved too. Posters should be no larger than A1 (594 x 841 mm) and should be accompanied by a short explanation.  For more details about posters, contact Jane Bringolf.

People are seated around a large table and Elise Copeland from New Zealand is leading a Table Topic discussionTable Topics is where you can eat and meet and lead a lunchtime discussion using either questions, handouts, or a short presentation on a laptop to get the discussion going. With cabaret-style seating, it is easy for delegates to get their lunch and bring it to whichever table they are interested in. The lunchbreak on the first day will be extended by half an hour to get the most out of this activity. If you are interested in leading a Table Topic, contact Jane Bringolf.

Concurrent speaker abstracts and biographies are now available for you to peruse.