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Housing aspirations of older Australians

Three bedrooms and urban living are what most older people want. These are two of the key findings in a new Australian report from AHURI. Age specific housing is not a preference. So researchers suggest more innovation to attract the older cohort so they can age in place after all. There was no mention the need to have homes already …

Designing technology for neurodiverse users

Neurodiverse people already know they need to be involved the design of emerging technologies from the very beginning and throughout the process. But this isn't always recognised by designers. A new paper supports their claims and concludes that neurodiverse users should be engaged as active participants "front and center in the research and design process". The ten researchers involved in …

Equal access to sex workers

Almost everyone likes a hug, and sometimes something a little more intimate. The Conversation has an article arguing that the NDIS should pay for sex workers. But being a resident in an aged care home should not be a barrier to having this kind of intimacy either.  That's whether it's from a sex worker or a partner. An article in …

Two people, one UDL story

Two people give their perspective on inclusive (or not) education. One is a teacher, the other a student with a disability. Their opening statements provide a context for the article. They trace some of their experiences seeking to overcome barriers to inclusive education, classrooms and teaching. The teacher's experiences show that colleagues were, and are not, interested in inclusive education. …

Apartment design audit without UD

Health and wellbeing is the focus of an audit report of Australian state and territory apartment design guidelines. There is a passing mention about universal design and residential mobility at the end. These are considered indirect factors for wellbeing that might be worth researching at another time. There is a comparison chart of the similarities and differences between state and …

Open Sesame! Packaging made easy

In marketing terms, the packaging is part of the product. The package shape, colour and brand are important in enticing consumers to buy. But all too often we have to get a sharp knife, a pair of scissors and wrestle with the packaging in order to get to the product inside. Microsoft has come up with a nice solution to …

Human Centred Design: What is it?

It isn't just about consulting with humans in the design process. It is about understanding the impact that design has on us as humans. Sarah Williams Goldhagen argues that people undervalue good design. There is no such thing a neutral when it comes to design of the built environment. It has either a positive or negative effect on people. A …
Introduction to Universal Design is a free online course. You can do it on your phone! Certificate at the end. covers principles, goals, stereotyping and diversity.
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