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Stylish bathrooms with UD

The Housing Industry Association website has a page tucked away titled, Aesthetically Accessible. It shows how designing and constructing a bathroom can be "accessible to people of all abilities and ages". And it is becoming much easier, "with more beautiful results than ever". The key points for accessibility are discussed in the article with lots of pictures. Livable Housing Design …

More Insights and Less Afterthoughts

Hospitality magazine has a good article on making small business accessible. It recommends thinking about access and inclusion from the start, not as an afterthought. And it isn't all about wheelchairs. Being able to read the menu without getting out your phone flashlight to see it is a start. While Braille menus would be great, reading the standard menu to …

Social ramps for social inclusion

Inclusion and exclusion in the social environment discussed from the perspective of the Christian Church is a novel approach. Society has social norms and if people don't fit them they are often ignored or excluded. They ask the question, "If exclusion occurs because of social skill deficits, who has the deficits?" Is it the one who is different or the …

To disclose or not to disclose

How likely are university students to disclose their disability? The answer is related to whether the disability is visible. The concern of being stigmatised is real and is a form of exclusion. Of course, if the disability is visible then stigma is already part of the student's life. A recent study found students with invisible disability will be less likely …

Accessible housing: Who said what

The international Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disability asked Australia some important questions about accessible housing. The answers depend on who you ask. The Australian Government indicated it was doing OK. Australian Human Rights Commission said a lot more needed to be done, including regulation. The Australian Civil Society Report, which provides the perspective of people with disability, …

Inclusive Historic Houses

Some good advice from a Masters dissertation on how to create inclusive Historic House stories and exhibits. The emphasis is on overcoming the practice of relating the dominant white male narrative. The dissertation discusses issues of diversity of ethnicity, socio-economic status and belief systems. "One way historic house museums might address this issue of exclusive narratives is to purposely seek …

State of Play 2019

Play is an essential part of a child's development. The Touched by Olivia foundation conducted an online survey between August 2018 and January 2019. With 482 responses, the State of Play report provides a useful snapshot of play in Australia. It also lists the reasons people go to play spaces. Touched by Olivia Foundation has a new playmate: Variety - …

UD2020 Call for Papers

4th Australian Universal Design Conference - UD2020 will be held 12-13 May 2020, Melbourne Showgrounds. The call for abstracts opens 29 August and closes 21 October 2019. The theme is Thriving with Universal Design: Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday. The theme allows a broad range of topics to be included from academics, practitioners, educators, policy makers and anyone interested in universal design and …
Introduction to Universal Design is a free online course. You can do it on your phone! Certificate at the end. covers principles, goals, stereotyping and diversity.
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