Lifemark Design Standards

Lifemark standards cover

Lifemark in New Zealand has developed standards for home design.  The Handbook explains the seven areas that are important to get right at the design or renovation stage of a home. They include the minimum structural and spatial requirements that cannot be changed later without major expense. They have also included the most important home injury prevention standards because of the value of reducing the significant costs and social burden associated with home injuries.

You can access the overview and the detailed standards by going to the Lifemark Website and requesting a copy.



Banyule City Council Liveable Housing Guidelines

UD-logo-200x200Banyule City Council Liveable Housing Design Guidelines – “Improving housing for people across their lifespan”. Edited transcript from live captioning of the presentation by Shawn Neilson and Joel Elbourne.

Synopsis:  Shawn and Joel outline the process of engaging with developers to encourage the uptake of Banyule City Council’s Liveable Housing Design Guidelines in new housing developments.  They show how it is possible to get buy-in from developers using local government resources.

Shawn Neilson and Joel Elbourne Transcript  PDF

Shawn Neilson and Joel Elbourne Transcript Word

Link to presentation slides on Prezi


Landcom Guidelines: Universal Housing Design

Front cover of the Landcom Universal Housing Design GuidelinesAlthough this set of guidelines was published in 2008, the information is as relevant today as it was when first published. The designs and costings were well researched and there are sample plans for all types of dwellings.

Universal Housing Design Guidelines 

Handbook PDF 3MB   Factsheet PDF 2MB

You can download a copy of all of the related guidelines for urban development from the publications section of the old Landcom site.