ACAA Newsletter

Front cover of the latest newsletter from ACAA. it shows a man clad in leather just about to get on his motor bike.The Association of Consultants in Access Australia’s latest online newsletter has an interesting article on the history of the access movement in Australia. The other item of interest is titled Blind Speed – the story of a man who lost his sight some time ago, but has become a leader in the field of various sports. He aims to claim the record for the fastest speed on a motorbike – blindfolded! It also has a wrap up of their recent conference in Brisbane, and the inaugural Max Murray oration. There are items of additional interest for access consultants.  


International Conference on Transport & Health

Banner for call for abstracts for the International Conference on Transport and HealthThere’s a second call for abstracts for the International Conference on Transport and Health. Have a look at how many topics are covered! It’s just about everything! The call closes 21 January 2018. The conference will be held 24-27 June 2018 in Michigan, USA. From the conference website:

For policy-makers, practitioners, and researchers. ICTH is designed to bridge the gap between scientific investigation and real-world application. This avant-garde experience is guaranteed to make you feel just a little uncomfortable, a little bit curious and possibly change your perspective. Join us by becoming an abstract presenter. 

Barclays debunk five myths

Five red balloons in a row with the title 5 common myths about accessibilityNeat video by Barclays Bank that debunks common myths about customer complaints, costs of being accessible, access being someone else’s job, it’s too small a market for all that time and effort, and accessible design is boring design. Towards the end there is a great statement, “accessible design should work well for those who need it, and be invisible to those who don’t”. A really useful video for anyone promoting accessible customer service in our digital world, and for others wondering if it really is worth the effort. The video is captioned. You can find out more about Barclays work in this area. They also have a Twitter feed.


2018 European UD Conference call for papers

Website banner announcing the conferene

Wondering where the 2018 European Universal Design Conference is being held? It will be in Dublin, Ireland. It follows on from Oslo, Norway in 2016, and Lund, Sweden in 2014.  It’s easy to miss the call for papers because they have partnered with higher education for this one. It will be held at Dublin Castle from 30 October to 2 November 2018. This event will show how universal design across all disciplines including education and learning are interrelated. The call for abstracts is now open and closes 30 January 2018. The conference home page gives more information about the partners and the event. The full title of the event is Universal Design & Higher Education in Transformation Congress: Transforming our World through Diversity, Design and Education. The Centre for Excellence in Universal Design is the major host.

There is also a call for papers for the International Conference on Transport and Health, which covers just about everything, and for the Design Research Society’s conference which will be held in Limerick. And don’t forget to save the date for the 3rd Australian Universal Design Conference 4-5 September 2018 in Brisbane.


More care, less cost?

Head and shoulders of two women happily smiling. One is older and one is younger.Many people think that technology will save money in the aged care sector, but maybe time to think again. Seems best outcomes are when socialisation is provided. The answer to staying at home longer, apart from an accessible home, is to use technology, but use the savings for social visits from real humans. A recent study shows that when home based care services are increased the greater delay of residential care. While this seems obvious, this study confirms it. The research also found that people who used social support services, such as companionship visits and assistance to attend community-based social activities, stayed in their own homes for longer, compared with those predominately receiving domestic assistance, personal care or in-home respite. The evidence can also help older people understand they have choices about where they are cared for. This article was sourced from Aged Care Insight.  


3rd Australian Universal Design Conference

SAVE THE DATE 4-5 September 2018, Brisbane

Banner for the conference The third Australian Universal Design Conference will be held at the Brisbane Conference and Exhibition Centre. The theme is, Home and Away: Creating inclusion everywhere. A call for papers will be made shortly. The Home and Away theme is to encourage contributions on housing and home, and on tourism and travel. The aim is to attract more practitioners in home design and construction, and tourism operators and businesses. With everything being connected via the digital world, we will also welcome contributions on digital accessibility. Watch this space for more information to come.


Some Light Relief

The portable toilet has an exterior design of Victorian beach huts. Brightly coloured. They are low to the ground and can be made accessible with addition ramping to overcome the little step. They are placed on a green field.When you gotta go, you gotta go. To make this event more interesting we now we have international toilet tourism awards. These toilets are not just functional, they are interesting too. However, not sure if all are accessible judging by the comments. You can read more about each of the winners and the judges comments in the different categories. Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales, and Victoria all have winners. Toowoomba’s portable toilet took out the main prize. Other winners are from the USA and New Zealand. And yes, there is such a thing as World Toilet Day.  Get your toilet nomination ready for next year’s awards – let’s see some creative and accessible toilets as winners!. Submissions open next February.   

The winning entry looks like an old farm shed. Outside there is a wooden fence rail like you see in the Western movies, with all sorts of farm clutter around. The entry door looks accessible but there is no information about the inside design.


The toilet pictured above as beach huts is one in the Toowoomba Portable Toilet range, and the one to the left depicting a rustic theme is the overall winner for 2017.