Universal Design and Transport

UD-logo-200x200Liz Reedy discusses how many developed countries have incorporated requirements of universal design in their laws and regulations. This presentation will compare and contrast progress made in Australia with other developed countries and discuss how Australia can improve its transport systems to be more inclusive. The recent upgrades to several railway stations in Sydney were used to engage audience participation.

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Accessible Transport: 10 years of progress


Gail Le Bransky is the Principal Manager Accessible and Inclusive Transport at Transport for NSW. 

Abstract: Since the introduction of the Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport in 2002 there have been considerable gains in the accessibility of public transport services in NSW. Transport for NSW is committed to an ongoing program to eliminate or reduce barriers to access to public transport services. A ‘customer first’ culture within has shifted Transport for NSW’s focus from compliance with standards to delivery of a high level of access and service for all customers. This paper will outline the steps taken
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