Check out relaxed shopping

A large sign at a supermarket checkout lane saying in red lettering, Relaxed Lane, feel free to take as long a you needTesco Supermarkets in the UK have launched a “relaxed” checkout where shoppers can take their time to unload the trolley and get out their money without anyone tut-tutting behind them. This is a good example of inclusion by parallel design. It is still a universal design because anyone can use it, but it will mostly benefit people who need time to think and organise themselves, or are just a bit slower than others with their movements. This means a lot less stress and will encourage people to keep doing their shopping by themselves. A parent with three small children might also decide to use it – another example where considering people with disability benefits many more people than you first thought of.

This is not a specially designed checkout, so any supermarket can adopt this customer service idea. The Mirror online newspaper has a short video, and there is more from the Kiddermister Shuttle website.