Designing inclusively: Some examples

a man stands in front of a wall covered in bright coloured post it notes which have different ideas and actionsIt isn’t always easy to find examples of good practice in universal design, so it is good to see some on the the Design Council in the UK website. The video below has lots of examples of designing inclusively in the built environment. There are two key messages: get a diverse group of people together before you start designing, and think about all the extra people you can serve or sell to when you design with everyone in mind. While there are several videos around with a similar message, it is good to see the variety of environments covered – from transport to theatre. Rather than take an off-the-shelf ATM, Barclays Bank commissioned the design of their ATMs and came up with the idea of a niche to hang your walking stick – a key factor as if it falls to the ground, the owner may not be able to bend down to pick it up. The video is 8 minutes but worth the watch to the end.